OMG funny.

22 09 2008

Check this out…  the new trailer for “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”, the new Kevin Smith film.




6 09 2008

I tell you, they just aren’t the same anymore.  Well, the weird part is, that could be because they’re like they used to be.  For the past long while, I’ve been stuck in a day-sleeping pattern.  Like, no matter what I did, I guess especially since I worked a lot at night, I slept during the day.  I slept better during the day.  Then, all of a sudden last week, blammo.  Back to sleeping at night.  After like, 3 or 4 years.

On a related note, those 5-hour energy drinks REALLY work.  I’m not kidding you, either.  Pax looked like a crackhead or something Thursday night when I got him one before we went downtown.  It was hillarious. 😉

Only in Canada…

5 09 2008


This is about an old cavalry regiment the Canadian Forces are reconstituting as a reserve unit.  No big deal, right?

Well go read the comments. There’s 10+ pages of people wondering if their horses will survive in Afghanistan. 😐


My breaks mix set! (Cheap plug)

3 09 2008

For those of you who know me (and hell, those of you that don’t either, I don’t mind), you’ll know that I’ve been a DJ for a LOT of years, professionally (more than I care to admit…haha.)  Well, while I absolutely LOVE almost all things musical (exception being the Macarena and the Electric Slide…and maybe some polka), my true love musically to mix, are breaks.  For those of you who don’t know what breaks are (or breakbeats), it’s electronica.  It’s a bit faster than house, and really…there’s a lot of guitar to go along with more of a rock beat.  But make no mistake, it’s electronica.  Most people (exception being my buddy Pax) tend to love the stuff the first time they hear it.

Anyway, I’ve finally completed my first full DJ set of the stuff, recorded.  You can check it out by clicking here to download it.  I hope you’ll enjoy it, and leave me some feedback in the comments below.