Election notes…

15 10 2008

Congratulations to the Liberal party on finally getting to turf their interim leader. 😉

Congratulations to the Conservatives on ALMOST getting a majority.  Next time, it’ll happen.

Condolences to the NDP, I seriously thought Jack Layton would make a great leader of the opposition.

And, congratulations to the greens.  You’re a bunch of crackpots, good riddance.



14 10 2008

All you Canadians (which is probably all of you, frankly), should get out today and VOTE!

I think everyone who lives in Canada has a responsibility and an obligation to themselves and this country by reading up on the issues, asking their friends questions if they don’t understand, and today, taking the time to go Vote. Who you vote for is up to you, but vote for the candidate of YOUR choice.

A-Ha’s “Take on Me”, literally.

14 10 2008

Check this out…

Even after 23 years, A-Ha’s Take on Me music video remains one of the best ever made. And, in late celebration, somebody went and made a literal translation of it, complete with subtitles. Definitely worth a viewing. I love the "this guy’s gonna get an ass full of pipe wrench" at the 2:33 mark.

Wow, I guess TransLink really *does* give a damn.

8 10 2008

I’m actually quite impressed right now.


So as you most probably know, I’ve lived a lot of my life out in Langley. And yesterday, yet again, I got stymied by the 501 bus.  Now, coming from Surrey Central out to the family home, the bus goes basically a block away.  no big deal.  However, it then goes for about 5 miles with maybe one stop.  ONE.  A few years ago, this was fine; there was nothing there.  Now, however that’s not the case. There’s like, an entire mall, a whole freeway-side commercial area the other side of the freeway, you name it.  And the bus won’t even STOP there.

So, this morning, I decided, as most of you would expect, to rant to TransLink about it.   So I looked on their website, and found the customer complaint form.  I filled it in, explained what the problem was, and promptly forgot about it (because I figured they wouldn’t do a thing about it.)

Sure enough, a half hour ago, I got a call from them.  They’re passing it on to the planning/scheduling department to find out WHY there’s no stops there yet, and they’ll get back to me in a few days.

I was in awe.

I mean, they:

– Acknowledged the complaint

– Told me what they’re doing about it

– Gave me a timeframe


Who are you, and what have you done with TransLink!?! 🙂

Google from 2001: I’m *still* in it..

1 10 2008

For google’s 10th anniversary, they’ve brought back their original search engine page from 2001, along with the entire index, as it was, back in 2001:


Scary part: I’m STILL IN IT! Who’d a thunk it. 😐