Wow, I guess TransLink really *does* give a damn.

8 10 2008

I’m actually quite impressed right now.


So as you most probably know, I’ve lived a lot of my life out in Langley. And yesterday, yet again, I got stymied by the 501 bus.  Now, coming from Surrey Central out to the family home, the bus goes basically a block away.  no big deal.  However, it then goes for about 5 miles with maybe one stop.  ONE.  A few years ago, this was fine; there was nothing there.  Now, however that’s not the case. There’s like, an entire mall, a whole freeway-side commercial area the other side of the freeway, you name it.  And the bus won’t even STOP there.

So, this morning, I decided, as most of you would expect, to rant to TransLink about it.   So I looked on their website, and found the customer complaint form.  I filled it in, explained what the problem was, and promptly forgot about it (because I figured they wouldn’t do a thing about it.)

Sure enough, a half hour ago, I got a call from them.  They’re passing it on to the planning/scheduling department to find out WHY there’s no stops there yet, and they’ll get back to me in a few days.

I was in awe.

I mean, they:

– Acknowledged the complaint

– Told me what they’re doing about it

– Gave me a timeframe


Who are you, and what have you done with TransLink!?! 🙂




One response

5 11 2008

you? rant? Never!

*ducks and runs*

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