the “Big D” rears it’s ugly head, yet again..

2 11 2009

Well,  let’s face it. Death sucks.

Having tohelp try and deal with the grief for family and friends, more so. 

And especially immediate family who has been to hell aand back with said person, and now trying to cope without her ? Don’t even get me started.

Yesterday, an absolutely amazing person, who also was my Mother’s most dearest, best friend, passed away after a recurring battle with cancer.  She was for all intensive purposes not just a member of our family, but a hell of a lot more.  She semi-joked that she was there as our ‘second mom” (because frankly, with how much i’ve had going on in my life at once at times, I need all the help I can get!), and has don more for my mother (especially) and myself AND everyone else than anyone even thought possible, that this will end up an epic task to deal with.

I have, however, at least managed to come up with a pretty oood  (not to mention obligatory) bit of irony about dealing with all of  this. After having spent some of  my time trying to deal with what’s happened, in the end it all was summarized with one retro song quote.

Because, you know things may start to look bleak for the moment when I dragged out an especially morbid Depeche Mode track:

"I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors  
  cauise I think that god’s got a sick sense of humor
And when I die, I expect to find him..
   -(Depeche Mode, "Blapsphemous Rumors")   

I think it sums it up nicely.

But Man, at the rate I’ve been headed now, I’ll be belting out tunes from WWII during the whole "blitz" in London, in no time flat.

Now, I’ll go watch a “Depeche Mode – 101” movie and cheer myself up with gloom all day.