the “Big D” rears it’s ugly head, yet again..

2 11 2009

Well,  let’s face it. Death sucks.

Having tohelp try and deal with the grief for family and friends, more so. 

And especially immediate family who has been to hell aand back with said person, and now trying to cope without her ? Don’t even get me started.

Yesterday, an absolutely amazing person, who also was my Mother’s most dearest, best friend, passed away after a recurring battle with cancer.  She was for all intensive purposes not just a member of our family, but a hell of a lot more.  She semi-joked that she was there as our ‘second mom” (because frankly, with how much i’ve had going on in my life at once at times, I need all the help I can get!), and has don more for my mother (especially) and myself AND everyone else than anyone even thought possible, that this will end up an epic task to deal with.

I have, however, at least managed to come up with a pretty oood  (not to mention obligatory) bit of irony about dealing with all of  this. After having spent some of  my time trying to deal with what’s happened, in the end it all was summarized with one retro song quote.

Because, you know things may start to look bleak for the moment when I dragged out an especially morbid Depeche Mode track:

"I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors  
  cauise I think that god’s got a sick sense of humor
And when I die, I expect to find him..
   -(Depeche Mode, "Blapsphemous Rumors")   

I think it sums it up nicely.

But Man, at the rate I’ve been headed now, I’ll be belting out tunes from WWII during the whole "blitz" in London, in no time flat.

Now, I’ll go watch a “Depeche Mode – 101” movie and cheer myself up with gloom all day.


Finally, “The Edgemont Sessions” set is done!

21 08 2009

Download it here. 🙂

Vancouver city can’t take a leak.

8 07 2009

So, today, I was downtown, just wandering around.  It’s something I love to do, especially down in the Coal Harbour area where I used to live.  So today, after having a couple beers and some $4/pound wings down at the most excellent Library Square pub, I decided to walk around a bit while waiting for my buddy to get downtown.

So I walked around, went down Robson…then realized that I’d had a couple beers, and they went right through me.  So, I figured “hey, we have those cool automatic bathrooms downtown now, I’ll just go use the one down the street here on Robson.”  Never mind that I’d never seen the thing actually working.  So I went to it, and sure enough, it’s out of order.  So that got me to thinking…do any of the other ones bloody well work at all?  So after making a quick stop-off at Pacific Center, I went to look.

Sure enough, NONE of them work.  There’s one down at Davie and Seymour, one at Nelson and Granville, the famous one down at Main St. Station…none of the f’in things work! 

(In case you have NO idea what the hell I’m talking about, Vancouver, a year or two ago with great ballyhoo, got these automatic self-cleaning toilets for tourists and set them up with ads all over Vancouver.)  Keep in mind the ads are being changed and updated, but that’s it.

So just on a hunch, I tried to use a washroom nearby one of them, the owner said “no, go use the automatic one outside!”  Well, it doesn’t work.  “Well that’s not our problem!”

And people wonder why Vancouver gets a bad rep.

I do recall actually, one night a few weeks back.  I was downtown with Joel and some girls on a Friday night, and while we were at Ginger 62 I decided to go for a walk and get some air.  So I walked down to where the auto-can is at Granville and Nelson, and it was out of order of course, and there were cops there ticketing people who went to take a leak in the alley.

Isn’t that kind of entrapment?

Anyways, I doubt the city would ever do anything about this.  Good old Gregor cares about nothing but looking good on camera, and being seen to pretend to be doing something.  Which sucks because I enver ever used to think that.

What’s been wrong with my life lately.

25 05 2009

I finally figured out what’s been missing in my life the past couple years.


I forgot how to go out and have fun.  I’m serious here.  (Irony!)  This past weekend, I hung out with numerous friends of mine, and I DO mean numerous, from old, dear friends like Joel and Cam, to Kristen, to Nikki, you name it…

I’ve got a lot of fun to catch up on, I think.

Stanley Cup Playoffs – round 1 so far.

17 04 2009

Well, other than our Vancouver Canucks, I think the series to watch, judging by last night’s game, is my dad’s old Boston Bruins vs their archnemesises archnemesii? i dunno), those stinkin Habs.  As well, you can watch the 8th-seeded Anaheim SPANK the 1st seeded San Jose (2-0 last night! woo!)

All I know is, for the first time in a few years, IM LOVIN THE PLAYOFFS, BABY! WOO! 🙂

This makes me (yet-again) rather sick of Translink.

12 02 2009

Wow, translink has really made a mess of themselves this time, I think.  Instead of asking the guy to take the blog down, they just up and fire him?


Oooh, the new Tarantino movie looks SICK!

12 02 2009

Go check this out: